Your “Time of the Month” Secret Drink: “Red Sea”

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Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious, Tired, and Just COMPLETELY DONE with everything due to your period? Or are you feeling extra Sappy and Down—-especially because of that Guy?🥵🥹

I made the PERFECT MYSTERY POTION for you ladies! After years of dealing with Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Kidney Stones, and Painful Periods myself— the doctors could not help me. In fact, did you know that it's not normal to have bed ridden pain (or any pain for that matter) during your period? I was informed by my urogynecologist regarding this, (My Pelvic Floor Doctor who is a believer of Holistic Healing), as well as through my own experiences, and it's sad how feeling like crap is so normalized in this world today for us girlies when we bleed. 🥴

Therefore, after a year of trying MANY things; I finally found a natural, herbal cure and have reversed my illness and overall discomfort; before, during, and even after my period week. This has been a permanent change for for me. 🥹

P.S : I have used this EXACT FORMULA, THIS PAST YEAR EVERY SINGLE DAY— I REALIZE IT MAY SEEM A BIT PRICEY AT FIRST, but girrrrl~ you will thank yourself later. It's an investment towards your emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and sexual wellbeing. This is also the only legit herbal drink on the market— and I put my heart, prayers, and soul into this. This hearty mix is extremely vital as a woman to take and to better your mental health, as well as your relationships around you so that you can show up to be the best version of you; whether on or off your period on the daily. There is not a drink out there that will stabilize your emotions more than this. 😅👆🌟😍⬆️🌸

*** The MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS PRODUCT AND MY "PMS EMOTIONAL" PRODUCT on my website here— is that the PMS Emotional helps with mood/emotions primarily; whilst THIS "RED SEA" Drink is helpful and soothing for ALL parts of the body— including: your organs, ligaments, bloodstream, and your overall system. It also has a STRONGER effect to regulate your cycle, (due to grander ingredients) especially if you tend to be irregular often. ***

Here are the perks to buying my ultimate "Red Sea" Drink below— (I also add a "free gift" to brighten up your mood even more within each package, available ONLY this month, just for you! ✨🙈

-No Pain After Instant Use of your First Dosage, Within the first Day 😃😊

-1 Month Supply, Daily Use

-Eliminates any Emotional Mood Swings that may occur 10 Days before your period Actually Starts, During, and the After Math Window. 🥰😇

-Instant Mood Lift; You will Feel a Sudden Energy Boost that lasts throughout the day with no crashes like you feel with coffee or energy drinks. (In fact, this herbal high is equivalent to a caffeine high; so you can ditch all the caffeine in your life while drinking this hehe.)✨

-Written Instructions for Recommended Dosage Per Day; on Each Adorable Bottle

-All the Herbs are of course, Vegan🌱

-You will Receive a Full Month Supply

-Stabilizes an irregular Cycle

-Cleanses your Bloodstream

-Tones and Tightens the Vaginal Walls🙌

-Herbal, Crushed Powder Formula


- Provides a Natural "Euphoric" High; This Formula is good for addicts who are Weening off of other "highs" they may have had previously. This can aid as a new "healthy high." It's a safe haven for you. 🥹🤗❤️‍🩹

-Supports Joints, Healthy Connective Tissues, Healthy Bones, Skin, Nails, and Hair.

-Supports Healthy Immune System Function

-Provides Essential Amino Acids 🦴

- 21G Plant Protein in Each Serving 💪

- 3 Botanical Adaptogens (Mood Boosting)

- 10 Mushroom Species 🍄

-Hint Of Creamy Chocolate Flavor

-You can Mix this powder formula with Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Juice, Coconut Water, Or Water. (It's Best to Avoid Dairy While Taking this as the Added Hormones in Dairy Defeats the Whole Purpose of your healing Journey while on your Period.)

-Is Convenient to Pour and to Carry Around; in a Cute Hand Made container. 🥹


*MSM Crystals, *Maca Root, *Reishi Mushroom, *Ashwagandha Root, *WheatGrass, *Kale, *Moringa, *Spirulina, *Organic Dutch Cacao Powder, *Organic *Stevia Leaf Extract, *Organic Sunflower Oil, and *Organic Myceliated Oats. ✨✌️

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I would love to hear your testimonials after using this product that I personally combined and invented this year! God bless everyone! ☝🏻🥹🚿