PMS -Women’s Emotional!!

On sale! $40.00

-Alleviates Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Symptoms Before and After Period Duration

-2 Month Supply, 6 Drops Each Day, (Start Taking 10 Days Leading up to your Period—To the end of your period.)

-Eliminates Cramping 👄

-Liquid Formula

-Uplifts emotions, Controls Mood Swings, Softens Anger, Comforts Fragility, and Increases a sense of Overall Well Being

-Tones and Tightens the Vagina Walls 🙈

-Can Help Aid in Stabilizing an Irregular Cycle

-Women Owned Brand 💃

-Is an All Natural, Herbal, Organic, and Vegan Remedy for Pain 🥹☝🏻

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I would love to hear your testimonials after using this product that I personally combined and invented this year! God bless everyone! ☝🏻🥹🚿